BPD Trait: Inappropriate Anger

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is wildly stigmatized in our world. If you've ever read I Hate You - Don't Leave Me, you were probably left feeling very hopeless for either yourself or your loved one with BPD. It's funny to me that this book is considered the "go to" for therapists and other mental health professionals. It's spookily accurate at times, to be sure, but incredibly devoid of any glimmer of hope for recovery. In fact, since BPD is a personality disorder, there is no true recovery - your brain has been marred by abuse during formative years and as such will always bear those scars - but this does not mean there is no overcoming it.

I’m Sorry For All The Times I Ignored You (and other thoughts on grief)

On May 20th, 2016, my best friend of eight years passed away suddenly. We were on our way to the doctor because she had some unusual blood spots popping up under her nose. Unsure of why this was happening, we walked to the office together. Usually she was totally down for the four block stroll, … Continue reading I’m Sorry For All The Times I Ignored You (and other thoughts on grief)

Empathy vs. Survival

TRIGGER WARNING: Relatively graphic depictions of assault/rape Today I got into an argument with some fucking cab company owner about the prevalence of assault/rape cases with Uber & Lyft vs. Taxis. Like most disagreements on Twitter, it went really fucking poorly and neither one of us wanted to listen to the other. My point being … Continue reading Empathy vs. Survival