Gratitude should come more than once a year

For my American readers, this week is home to my favorite holiday of them all: Thanksgiving. If you were unaware, my religious affiliation is vaguely Buddhist with a side of "I don't really care, God probably isn't real, but if that makes you happy that's cool". This is one of the major reasons Christmas isn't … Continue reading Gratitude should come more than once a year

Discipline is Freedom (A Twofold Method)

"Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most."Abraham Lincoln These words should sound pretty familiar since I quoted it literally 10 days ago. They're worth repeated though because I really think that our 16th president really hit the nail on the head. When it comes to discipline, I have another … Continue reading Discipline is Freedom (A Twofold Method)

Coping Mechanisms. Or Lack Thereof.

I'm a picker. Even when I'm not stressed but especially when I'm stressed, I pick at everything. Acne on my face, hangnails on my fingers, hairs on my chin, the goop in the corner of my cat's eye, the tiny spot of adhesive left after you peel a sticker, the lint off of your shoulder, … Continue reading Coping Mechanisms. Or Lack Thereof.


I have broken one of the only rules I have ever attempted to withhold when it comes to NaNo: don’t delete any words. After writing a paragraph that was part vomit and part garbage, I just couldn’t bring myself to try and work on my novel. Unfortunately, when it comes to distraction, I’m violently susceptible … Continue reading N O V E M B E R