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2019 Resolution Review

2019 Resolutions: Hard Copy

So you probably already know by now that I’m kind of big into goals. Hell, I made a whole post last December about SMART goals in reference to making resolutions you might actually achieve. I took my own advice of course at applied all those principles towards my very own list of 10 Resolutions for 2019.

How did I do?

Meditate Once a day for at least five minutes

You may notice some little notations – the very first resolution is marked with a one. This is because halfway through the year, I started to see how some goals weren’t realistic as they were written. This was one of them.

Any kind of “do x every single fucking day of your god awful adult life” is doomed to fail unless it’s breathe. So instead, I wrote on the back: meditate a total of 1,825 minutes or more. This is because that is the equivalent of meditating 5 minutes a day.

I will note that this doesn’t necessarily support the original intention of this goal – to have a regular sitting habit – but it was a much more realistic approach.

The last time I really meditated every single day was March. Whoops.
Also, I actually did meditate today, I just forgot to put it in until AFTER I screenshotted.

As you can see from my Meditation Helper screenshot, I meditated for a total of 3 days, 9 hours, 20 minutes and 1 second. Just on the 3 days alone, I know I blew this goal out of the water – three days is equivalent to 4,320 minutes. So while I failed at my original goal, I totally blew the amended resolution out of the water. Next year, I’ll try to find a more happy middle ground between these two.

finish associate’s degree

Well, it became evident during my fall semester that this was literally impossible. I couldn’t test out of my prereq algebra class, and I couldn’t take the class required for my degree without the prerequisite. I did! pass the prerequisite! with 0.52 to spare! So while I didn’t complete this resolution, I did make progress and I’m officially one class away from completing my degree. This resolution will be placed right back on my 2020 Resolutions list.

60.52% baby! Fuck my GPA! I’LL TAKE IT!

Be able to run a mile nonstop in 10 minutes

My anxiety really derailed both of my fitness goals. Anything that elevated my heart rate was a pretty immediate NOPE from my brain when it was at its most anxious. The lowest I got it to, while I was still recording my time, was just over 18 minutes. Oops. Truth be told, running is really hard on my knees and I had recurring issues with my old hamstring injury so I don’t intend on re-attempting this goal next year.

I’m starting to see a trend here. Now the question is, what happened in April?

pay off all credit card and medical debt




Oh 2018 Carly, you were so ambitious. So naive. So filled with hope.

To be fair, we did pay off all of our credit card debt. And made a reasonable dent in my medical debt. But there’s still easily thousands of dollars of medical expenses that we will spend probably all of next year, if not longer, paying off. So much for “realistic” being a part of my SMART goals.

Save at least $5,000

This amount was actually dropped from $10,000 about halfway through the year. I’ll be amazed if we end up with $1,000 in our savings at the end of the year. Oops. This goal will be revised with a more specific plan on how to make this happen.

Finish my novel

I made the notation later that I meant my first draft. I have maybe five chapters left to write at most before it’s a complete, cohesive novel. It’s pretty fucking exciting. So while this one isn’t exactly done yet, I’m quite confident that I’ll be able to knock it out in the last full week of December. Next year’s resolution for Mirror Walker will be to revise it to the point where alpha readers can finally get their hands on it.

Or vaguely the length of one of the first three Harry Potter novels.

read at least one book per month

This resolution got a bit jacked up as I tested out of American Literature this year and rather than read approximately 50 novels, 50 short stories, 50 essays/plays/other nonfiction, and 50+ poems, I ended up instead spending at least one hour reading a piece from each author on my list of over 200 American authors covered by my class. This gave me a better feel for their style without having to commit an absurd amount of time reading.

Not including these pieces, I did read 9 books. I’m almost done with number 10, as well. So I’m going to count this one as done.

be able to do one chin up

There’s a difference between chin ups and pull ups! Chin ups are easier! I still can’t do either! Oh well!

get 100 likes on carlykaxt facebook

This one I got a few months ago c: Thus why it’s crossed off! This next year, I may make a goal related to this website itself – perhaps 50 subscribers? Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Get to gold in Overwatch competitive

You gotta have at least one goal that’s just for fun, right?

This was the first resolution I completed – go figure!

And now I can never play again or risk slipping back down to Silver.

5 1/2 out of 10 resolutions fulfilled!

I say 1/2 because we did pay off all of our credit card debt, just not the medical debt.

Considering these were some of the most ambitious goals I’ve made yet, I feel pretty good about the 55% grade, even if that’d be considered failing by academic standards. But I think a quote I read recently applies here: “A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at.” If reaching is good enough for Bruce Lee, then I think it’s good enough for me, too c:

So have any of y’all made some New Year’s Resolutions yet? How’d you do on last year’s? Would you be interested in seeing my list for 2020? Let’s chat! Comment below!!

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