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Listen, I am a woman who hoards data as if it’s a competitive sport. My tendency to meander through old chat logs, screenshots, and Snap stories is unparalleled among anyone I know. It’s been somewhat of a journey for me to learn how to let go of the past and just exist in the present. I’m still not great at it.

Everyone and their mom is doing the decade challenge; tweets recounting the number of degrees or cars or significant others someone has gone through in the past 10 years have become commonplace: it all begs the question, “What the fuck have you been doing this past decade?”

I’m here with great news. If the “only” thing you did was survive, you’re doing great.

Only in quotations because that’s really glossing over the nitty gritty of survival and would fall under the cognitive distortion “oversimplifying”. This makes me realize we’ve yet to talk about cognitive distortions on here! Look forward to that in 2020!

Anyway, as much as I’m a fan of taking a moment to applaud your accomplishments, there’s also a very toxic side to everyone whipping out their phD’s and comparing length. So I definitely encourage you to take at least five minutes to review at least the past year but don’t overtly dwell on it and for the love of fuck, don’t compare. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” One can only assume what he would have thought of social media.

Today’s post is pretty brief because I really just wanted to share this sentiment with y’all and wish you a very happy New Year. I also spent a substantial amount of time going through all of my photos of 2019 and compiling a fun slideshow of them because I’M GREAT AT TAKING MY OWN ADVICE I SAID I’M WORKING ON IT OKAY YOU DON’T SEE ME BUSTING OUT THE MSN MESSENGER CHAT LOGS DO YOU I’M DOING MY BEST DAMNIT.

If you’d like to join me in a photo presentation of 2019 through my eyes, please enjoy:

Credit to Sara Stomp Softly for the header photo featured on this post! Check out more of her media at


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