REVIEW: POP Fit Leggings (2019)

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Happy New Year! If you’re reading this on the day it was written, you’re probably filled with well-intentioned goals for 2020. One of the more common resolutions made on the first of January is to improve our health/fitness – featuring good ol’ fashioned exercise! I thought it only FITting (heh) that I share with you my experience with a popular leggings brand: POP Fit.

For those of you unfamiliar, you can find them at

Like many others, I saw POP Fit’s ads on Instagram and I was drawn to their body positive, inclusive message. I still think that in terms of clothing companies, you could probably do far worse than support POP Fit. They don’t have a rating on Good On You so I’m not positive about the ethics or sustainability of their production off-hand, but who doesn’t like clothing brands that remember there’s more than thin white women out there?

In August, they had a deal running where you could get two pairs of leggings for free if you signed up for their V.I.P. program – all you had to do was pay for shipping. With such a good deal, I decided it was finally time to take the leap.

Something wonderful about POP Fit leggings is that they have deep, sturdy pockets. These definitely did not disappoint and was the one thing that I felt they truly delivered on. As you can see from the order, I got one black pair and one teal pair as my wardrobe’s color palette is mostly green/pink/black based.

Ooh, Mesh panels! Fancy!
Don’t mind my forever extremely tinted screen. I have sensitive eyes, okay?

At first, I really liked the leggings. They definitely look good and were pretty comfortable. The Ava in particular with the mesh panels was a style I greatly enjoyed. Did I already mention the pockets? They were perfect for my phone, wallet, keys, whatever I needed while on the go. Pockets like these should be mandatory in all leggings.

Extremely on brand Carly Kaxt in the wild wearing POP Fit Ava leggings.

However, I found a few things to be bothersome about these leggings:

  • The claim that you can simply roll them down so you don’t have to wear them high waisted is well intentioned nonsense at best. They will not stay rolled. The elastic band is maybe an inch tall, not nearly tall enough to properly fold and stay put.
  • It only took one wash for my teal leggings to begin pilling.
  • After about a month, they began to sag if I walked for more than five minutes. I found myself constantly pulling them up.
A blue/green sort of day ft. my POP Fit Kaylee leggings.

I canceled my VIP membership once I realized that I couldn’t actually fold down my leggings and saw the pilling on my teal pair. To be fair, there was a pretty slim chance that I was going to keep the membership – why are subscriptions to things that no one really needs such a fad right now? I say this knowing full well that my next review post is going to include thoughts on a subscription service I actually did keep for several months but, to be fair, one never really has enough candles.

I will give POP Fit this: their leggings are definitely better than Fabletics. The leggings I tried from Fabletics were wildly stiff and their sizing runs small, which I found frustrating. And unlike POP Fit, if you’re above a 2x, you may as well not exist. I immediately sent back the Fabletics I tried earlier in the year whereas these POP Fit Leggings stayed in my rotation for about four months.

This means of course that I eventually decided to let go of the POP Fit leggings. Into the Goodwill bag with other rejected clothing items, I decided to go back to my old standby of combing Plato’s Closet for the elusive perfect second-hand find. If only all leggings had pockets as lovely as POP Fit’s.

Overall, I give POP Fit leggings a 3 out of 5. The sagging was a real deal-breaker for me at the end of the day but had they simply stayed up, these would have been almost perfect. I could have lived with the inability to roll them down and the pilling, while annoying, wasn’t super noticeable to anyone at a normal distance from me.

If you have any brand recommendations for reliable leggings with pockets, hit me up in the comments below. I’d be happy to try them out and review them here. Otherwise, I hope you’re all having a fabulous New Year’s Day and for those reading in the future I hope you’re having a fabulous day in general. Remember that I’ll be posting reviews now every other Wednesday so expect to see me back here on January 15th, talking about my one true love: candles.

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