REVIEW: carlykaxt reviews

This post is somewhat sponsored by carlykaxt. Links included are for your convenience; I do not receive any compensation for you clicking them as I do not make any sort of money off of this blog. If only.

Don’t you just hate when someone you’re following on the internet does something that has basically nothing to do with any of their previous content? I followed you for recipes, Susan, I don’t care about your trip to Bali! In fact, it makes me inexplicably angry!! How can anyone afford to travel when we’re deeply entrenched in late stage capitalism!!!

Such is the case with For those of you unaware, carlykaxt is a small blogger on the internet who generally writes about mental health, self care, and mindfulness. She has a Facebook page – albeit with only 100 Likes – and, like basically every Millenial who ever fancied themselves some kind of creator, a Patreon as well. Two sweet, foolish souls have decided to give her one dollar a month for God only knows what.

As you can probably guess, I have Feelings about this particular blogger.

It would appear that recently, she thought it was time to branch out and do something different but immediately ran into several problems. Her new choice of content? Reviews. Other than the general audacity one must have to think that anyone truly values your opinion all that much, it became quickly apparent that she had quite ran out of content.

“I could review brands,” she thought. After all, she’d just discovered Pact and their wonderful eco-conscious attitude towards clothing. When she had to do an exchange, they didn’t even ask for the old items back in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the exchange. Incredible!

She considered writing a piece on Lush but let’s be honest, pretty much everyone in an English speaking country is aware of Lush by now. Maybe a specific product? No, those are literally on their website.

Plenty of new music has come out that she could perhaps pick apart from a feminist viewpoint but she has no formal training or great musical knowledge, just a penchant for pop trash and an ear for authentic lyrics. Again, she realized that her opinion was essentially pointless.

Defeated, the blogger felt spite for her inability to be able to think of interesting content. Reviews seemed like a natural segway; she was a Google Local Guide, after all! She had read her reviews to friends so they could laugh at her savage rendering of an incompetent establishment. However, it seemed that this thing she did for fun in her free time was not all that lucrative or logical to place on her blog at all.

A dream had been born: maybe her reviews would get enough attention that people would send her free things. The truth, though? She was really just looking for a way to bring more people to her blog, more interest, more traffic. For all the good writing more or less incessantly all her life had done her, she wasn’t making any sort of money off of it. The growth of was utterly stagnant. Is it so wrong to long for more?

All in all, though the intentions were good, carlykaxt Reviews gets 1 star out of 5. As of this point, it will begin an indefinite hiatus. Thanks to all the kind folks who tolerated the past two posts. See you next Monday.

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