I have broken one of the only rules I have ever attempted to withhold when it comes to NaNo: don’t delete any words. After writing a paragraph that was part vomit and part garbage, I just couldn’t bring myself to try and work on my novel. Unfortunately, when it comes to distraction, I’m violently susceptible … Continue reading N O V E M B E R

The Dark Side of Marijuana (and other drugs I’ve tried)

When I was around 16, I started using the Holy Trinity of introductory drugs: alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana. In the beginning, it was pretty few and far between. When I graduated high school, I had my first of many summers that I would later barely recall due to being in a nearly permanent inebriated state. … Continue reading The Dark Side of Marijuana (and other drugs I’ve tried)

Six Months After My Silent Meditation Retreat

In February, I boarded a plane to Massachusetts and began a nearly week long silent retreat at the Insight Meditation Society. I was at the peak of my meditative practice at this point, sitting every day for usually thirty minutes. Of course, this was nowhere near the minimum eight hours a day I would spend … Continue reading Six Months After My Silent Meditation Retreat

Vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, nuditarian

As most of you know, I attended a meditation retreat earlier this year in February. It's been six months since my retreat and one of the things that made a really profound impact on me was the vegetarian diet we adhered to while on retreat. In general, the more you meditate on the interconnectedness of … Continue reading Vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, nuditarian

2018: Growth. 2019: Blossom!

I had an exchange with my friend the other day that revealed to me how much I had grown. In life, in the past year, in general. I told them that I went to Goodwill to cheer myself up because I was depressed; then I admitted that I had driven around old locations in town that reminded me of people no longer in my life while listening to sad music so the only person to blame for my mood was me. As such, I concluded, it was entirely my responsibility to proactively pull myself out of that mindset and do something to make myself feel better.

Yeah, we’re getting older. So are our parents.

When I was in junior high and high school, my mother gained herself quite a bit of admiration from many of my friends. “Fucking Phyllis,” they used to say and laugh when I told them something wild she said. “I love your mom, dude.” So did I. She was the one who instilled a healthy … Continue reading Yeah, we’re getting older. So are our parents.

I’m Sorry For All The Times I Ignored You (and other thoughts on grief)

On May 20th, 2016, my best friend of eight years passed away suddenly. We were on our way to the doctor because she had some unusual blood spots popping up under her nose. Unsure of why this was happening, we walked to the office together. Usually she was totally down for the four block stroll, … Continue reading I’m Sorry For All The Times I Ignored You (and other thoughts on grief)

Empathy vs. Survival

TRIGGER WARNING: Relatively graphic depictions of assault/rape Today I got into an argument with some fucking cab company owner about the prevalence of assault/rape cases with Uber & Lyft vs. Taxis. Like most disagreements on Twitter, it went really fucking poorly and neither one of us wanted to listen to the other. My point being … Continue reading Empathy vs. Survival