Fuck Spectator Society

I’m that person who comments on every Instagram post, responds to your Snap story, and texts you after I read important posts. You know why? Because too many times I have poured my heart out online only to be met by a few paltry Likes or, worse yet, silence. I've been thinking about what I … Continue reading Fuck Spectator Society

One Year After My Silent Meditation Retreat

In the Midwest, when the sun punches through months-long grey skies and warms the earth to a tepid 48 degrees Fahrenheit, thousands of previously hibernating humans crawl out from their shelters and brave the outdoors to embrace it. We roll our car windows down, don light jackets, and ignore our bright pink faces protesting against … Continue reading One Year After My Silent Meditation Retreat

Mental Health and Medication

In the span of less than seven days, I started a new medication, lowkey lost my mind, stopped the medication, and went back to normal. Brains are funny like that. In the extremely inexact science of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and more, it's difficult to say with any degree of certainty how each individual will react … Continue reading Mental Health and Medication

“I have trouble interpreting neutral emotions because I don’t experience neutral emotions.”

This sentence, said aloud to my husband probably around midnight last night, was a revelation to me. We've been together now for just about a full decade and it took me this long to recognize and understand this very fundamental difference between us. I could turn this into a post about borderline personality disorder (BPD); … Continue reading “I have trouble interpreting neutral emotions because I don’t experience neutral emotions.”

REVIEW: Evil Queen Candles

This post is not sponsored by Evil Queen or anyone else. Links included are for your convenience; I do not receive any compensation for you clicking them.  If you know anything about me, you probably know that I really, really, really, really, really, really like candles, Carly Rae Jepsen style. Yes, I'm obsessed with her … Continue reading REVIEW: Evil Queen Candles


When I was 21, I tripped harder than I ever have in my life by snorting two hits of 2C-B. It began with Nicholas and I highkey losing our shit (figuratively and literally), then clutching each other on the floor like scared, naked children. After the initial intensity of it was smoothed out (our dealer … Continue reading Lloyd.

Happy New Year! Diet Culture Still Sucks!!

TW: discussion of eating disordersIn a sea of unavoidable "omg I'm gonna eat nothing but bananas and lose, like, so much weight!" posts during this time of year, let me be the light of common sense. Or at least some kind of rebellion against hating yourself so much that starving seems like a good idea. … Continue reading Happy New Year! Diet Culture Still Sucks!!