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My journey through trauma

CW: trauma, self harm, substance use I was meditating in the tub when I began to find myself drawn to imagining my chakras. I'm going to make the assumption that everyone has a vague understanding of what the chakras are thanks to its westernization by the white women of America (trust me, the irony is… Continue reading My journey through trauma

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I spent nine months sober and I wasn’t pregnant. Maybe you should, too.

TW: self harm & substance use Who drinks champagne straight from the bottle??? Not that guy. It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I'm at my in-law's house, getting my mother ready to move into her own apartment and out of their spare bedroom. The air is cool and as much of a Michigander as I am,… Continue reading I spent nine months sober and I wasn’t pregnant. Maybe you should, too.

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A Brief Intro To Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Distress Tolerance Skills

Hey gang. With the holidays upon us, it’s easy to get overwhelmed so I wanted to share a quick and dirty guide to some basic Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills aimed at helping you withstand grating family members, travel anxiety and endless societal expectations making all of us feel stressed to the max. Of course, these tips will help you regardless of the time of year so feel free to bookmark and refer to this quick reference when times get tough.