Please don’t kill your family.

Anyone who knows me knows that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The colonial aspect of it is pretty gross and now companies are trying to infringe on its sacredness by starting Black Friday sales on the actual day of Thanksgiving (I can't eat turkey but still, #RespectTheBird ffs), but aside from these influences, the core… Continue reading Please don’t kill your family.

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Flexibility and Patience

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.Allen Saunders I've backed myself into sort of a corner; I said last week that I would avoid writing about COVID-19 because I am, probably like you, absolutely sick of hearing about it. The unfortunate reality is that it is simply a part of… Continue reading Flexibility and Patience

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Can’t Versus Won’t: Thoughts on Spoon Theory

Saturday, October 08, 2016 The past two weeks, I have had to push myself well beyond my comfortable limits. I truly dealt with the repercussions of this last night, when I was woken up out of a dead sleep by a sensation I can only describe as my arm being pulled out of its socket.… Continue reading Can’t Versus Won’t: Thoughts on Spoon Theory

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Mental Health Progress is Not a Straight Line

The past week has been... a ride. It reminded me that recovery is far from linear, and things might set you back, but all you can do is keep moving forward. One of the more notable things that has happened is my recent contact with my ex, Pisces. Our conversations have been cordial with some… Continue reading Mental Health Progress is Not a Straight Line