BPD Traits: Difficulty Being Alone & Image Instability

OR: Why I'm obsessed with every person i meet I had a revelation this morning that I think I've probably seen before in myself but refused to really look in the eyes. My words exactly, confided to my best friends and now shared with the internet: "Growing up is accepting that my borderline brain will … Continue reading BPD Traits: Difficulty Being Alone & Image Instability

BPD Trait: Inappropriate Anger

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is wildly stigmatized in our world. If you've ever read I Hate You - Don't Leave Me, you were probably left feeling very hopeless for either yourself or your loved one with BPD. It's funny to me that this book is considered the "go to" for therapists and other mental health professionals. It's spookily accurate at times, to be sure, but incredibly devoid of any glimmer of hope for recovery. In fact, since BPD is a personality disorder, there is no true recovery - your brain has been marred by abuse during formative years and as such will always bear those scars - but this does not mean there is no overcoming it.