Happy New Year! Diet Culture Still Sucks!!

TW: discussion of eating disordersIn a sea of unavoidable "omg I'm gonna eat nothing but bananas and lose, like, so much weight!" posts during this time of year, let me be the light of common sense. Or at least some kind of rebellion against hating yourself so much that starving seems like a good idea. … Continue reading Happy New Year! Diet Culture Still Sucks!!

REVIEW: POP Fit Leggings (2019)

This post is not sponsored by pop fit or anyone else. links included are for your convenience; I do not receive any compensation for you clicking them. Happy New Year! If you're reading this on the day it was written, you're probably filled with well-intentioned goals for 2020. One of the more common resolutions made … Continue reading REVIEW: POP Fit Leggings (2019)

2019 Resolution Review

2019 Resolutions: Hard Copy So you probably already know by now that I'm kind of big into goals. Hell, I made a whole post last December about SMART goals in reference to making resolutions you might actually achieve. I took my own advice of course at applied all those principles towards my very own list … Continue reading 2019 Resolution Review