Let’s be selfish together

Have you taken some time to be incredibly selfish lately? The past few weeks, I've been busting my ass finishing writing my first novel and studying for my Information Systems CLEP (College Level Examination Program). Basically it's like testing out of a class for college credit. I successfully passed my CLEP, wrote the conclusion of… Continue reading Let’s be selfish together



I have broken one of the only rules I have ever attempted to withhold when it comes to NaNo: don’t delete any words. After writing a paragraph that was part vomit and part garbage, I just couldn’t bring myself to try and work on my novel. Unfortunately, when it comes to distraction, I’m violently susceptible… Continue reading N O V E M B E R

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The Dark Side of Marijuana (and other drugs I’ve tried)

When I was around 16, I started using the Holy Trinity of introductory drugs: alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana. In the beginning, it was pretty few and far between. When I graduated high school, I had my first of many summers that I would later barely recall due to being in a nearly permanent inebriated state.… Continue reading The Dark Side of Marijuana (and other drugs I’ve tried)